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It’s not enough to just have great content. Your site needs to be tuned to perform and optimised for search. Our services are designed to make your site fitter and faster, enabling your great content to shine.

Website Performance,  SEO and Wordpress Website Management services for bloggers and small businesses

We know how important your website is to you. As bloggers ourselves, we appreciate the hard work that goes into creating a good site and keeping your content fresh.

Above all, we know how important it is that your site performs as well as it can. Between us, we have many years of experience of working with WordPress. We use that experience for the benefit of our clients by offering our services to improve the running of sites built on the Wordpress platform.

  • Our Website Optimisation service will ensure that your site is more secure and loads quickly.
  • Choosing our SEO service will help to boost how your content performs in search.
  • Our Managed Wordpress Service, we’ll take care of the back end of your site meaning you can focus on creating great content.

Our services

Turbo-charge your blog with our Website Performance Optimisation service

Website Performance Optimisation

Slow page load times and poor security can result in poor user experience and low search ranking.

Our Website Performance Optimisation service will turbo charge your page load times and boost your security, leading to more happy visitors and better ranking in search.

Turbo-charge your blog with our Search Engine Optimisation service

Search Engine Optimisation

Too often people are unclear about SEO rules and even structure their site & content in a way that puts up barriers to search performance.

Our SEO service will help you to identify all your potential barriers and equip you with the tools and rules to allow your content to shine in search.

Turbo-charge your blog with our Managed WordPress service

Managed Wordpress

Often bloggers don’t have the time or the skills to keep their WordPress site in top shape.

Our Managed WordPress service will keep your WordPress, theme & plugins up to date. Similarly, we’ll do regular site housekeeping and ensure you’re fully backed up in case something goes wrong.

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