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Frequently asked questions

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What things do we look at when we perform a website optimisation?

Before we do anything, we run some assessments to identify what performance issues there are.

Then, we’ll look at your hosting, to check that your hosting service is giving you the optimal performance. Sometimes there are tweaks we can make to improve this. Other times we might recommend that you switch to another host.

We look at how your site is configured, the plugins you’re using and how you are serving up your content. We may suggest the use of different plugins or that you remove some that are causing problems. It’s possible that we’ll advise you to change the way you that you store your images and media to maximise the speed they download.

On the security front, we’ll start with the obvious – are you using HTTPS? Then we’ll look at how we can make it more difficult for hackers to exploit any vulnerabilities that might be there.

Finally, when we’re done, we’ll run the performance assessments again, so you can see that we’ve delivered what we’ve promised.

What happens after I place my order?

Once your payment has gone through, you’ll get an email detailing all the information that we’ll need from you to perform the work. We’ll also ask you to create some logins for us to access your site.

Once we have the information, we’ll carry out the assessments and get back to you with a list of recommendations. We’ll then agree with you what work you’d like us to carry out. After all, it’s your site, so you need to be happy with any changes before we make them.

What information do you need?

We’ll need the details of hosting. We’ll also need an admin account for your site and access to your analytics tools. When we request this information, we’ll do so using a 256-bit encrypted form. These details will then be stored in a secure encrypted vault.

We’ll ask you to create new logins for us rather than give us your logins. This gives you the ability to disable our access once we’ve completed the work.

How do I know my card details are safe?

We use Stripe to process card payments. When you fill in the payment form, the information is passed directly to Stripe using a 256-bit encrypted form. We don’t see any details of the card number, expiry date or CVC. Stripe is one of the web’s largest and most secure payment processing gateways.

Help, the FAQs haven’t answered my question

No problem, send us a message and we’ll get back to you pretty quick.

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