Performance matters

How your website performs affects the way you rank in search and the way users behave when they visit the site. Website performance optimisation can transform the volume of visitors to your site and help to increase the time they spend there.

Turbo-charge your blog with our Website Performance Optimisation service

Does this sound familiar? You’ve had that great experience, you’ve taken fantastic photographs of the place you’ve visited. Then, you’ve poured your heart and a whole lot of sweat into creating a fantastic blog post about it. You publish it, showcasing all your wonderful images, and sit back waiting for the visitors to come rushing to your site to read it. But you never get the traffic to your site you hope for. So you Google the search term you would expect your site to rank well for. Unfortunately, you find that the first result for your site is on page 4 of the search results.

You may have written the most fantastically engaging content. You may have photographs that would give Ansel Adams a run for his money. However, if your website isn’t set up correctly, if your site takes too long to load and if you have security issues, you won’t rank well in search and your visitor experience will suck.

The truth is that people don’t have an online attention span of more than a few seconds. We live in an age where visitors want more and want it NOW.

A slow website will kill an online business. For a blogger looking to build an audience, that means losing readers. If your content loads slowly, your audience may see you as untrustworthy or not authoritative.

Did you know…


47% of visitors expect a web page to load in two seconds or less


57% of visitors abandon a site after waiting 3 seconds for a page to load


52% of visitors say quick page loading is important to their site loyalty

The truth is that people don’t have an online attention span of more than a few seconds. We live in an age where visitors want more and want it NOW.

Your website doesn’t need to chug along. It doesn’t have to rank poorly. With a bit of work, your site could be transformed to perform like a well-oiled machine. Of course, if you want to have a page the loads in a couple of seconds and a site that is secure, you need to have the technical skills and the time to make it happen.

But what if you could find an easy way to do all this? That’s where using our website optimisation service comes in. We can do all the hard work for you.

Do you have a speed problem?

The first step to optimising your site is identifying if you have a speed problem (and we’re not talking about recreational drug use here). Use this speed checking tool to see how your website performs.

If your site does rate badly for speed, don’t panic. We can turbo charge your site’s performance through our website optimisation service. Act now to start the journey to a website that delivers the performance your content deserves.

What does our website performance optimisation service offer?

There are three main areas we look at in for website performance optimisation:

Website hosting review

Is your website hosting set up to maximise the performance of your site? We’ll check and tweak it so that it runs optimally. If your hosting environment can’t be improved, we’ll find you something better. After all, you wouldn’t drive around in a clapped out 1980’s Ford Fiesta if you could have a new BMW instead.

Improve your website security

We can’t stop the nasty people from trying to hack your site but we can help you to reduce the chance of attacks being successful. If your website is your revenue stream, could you afford to be without it if you get hacked?

Improve your performance

Since 2010, Google has attached a lot of weight to the speed of your site. Fast loading sites get brownie points when it comes down to ranking. Also, a slow site is a bad experience for visitors. After just 3 seconds of waiting for a page to load, people start abandoning a website, so that’s lost eyeballs on your content.

Why choose our website optimisation service?

In a nutshell, we’re not just techies, we’ve got years of experience and are bloggers ourselves so we understand how important your site is to you. When you trust us with optimising your site, we promise to look after it as if it was our own.

We’ve used our tried and tested techniques on our own sites and we’ve seen the benefits in terms of both speed and increasing domain authority.

So don’t delay, use our website optimisation service now to improve your blog’s performance.

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